Welding & Brazing

  • Tube-Fab Ltd’s in house NADCAP approved Welding facilities specialize in Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Inconel and other metals.

  • Weld and Fabricate assemblies 1/16”OD up to 8”Od. Sheet & Plate Metal.

  • MIG, TIG and our Titanium Chamber stations meet industry standards and are focused on providing the highest quality results for you.

  • In house Tooling and Fixture fabrication center allows Tube-Fab Ltd. the ability to build quickly with minimal expense the precise fixturing necessary to meet our clients specifications and adaptable to our shops equipment and processes.

  • Large and small fabricated assemblies are the norm at Tube-Fab Ltd.

  • Tube-Fab Ltd’s professional welding team are highly skilled, with welders specializing in very thin walled assemblies up to very large pipe and sheet metals structures.

  • Tube-Fab Ltd’s ability to prepare and fabricated braze assemblies is vital to meet many of our clients demands.


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